Who We Are
Leysha is a Conscious Eco-clothing label by fashion designer Punam Mandal based in Kolkata,India.
Meaning of Leysha is devoted one tender which here shows our devotion,gentleness and affection towards nature and environment.
We are dreamers of better world where people are more conscious about environment and using more natural products. We are trying to educate people on sustainable living style.

Our mission

What We Do

Our aim is to make comfortable timeless clothing for you keeping our environment in mind. We are achieving this through our unique innovative slow process of eco printing using real leaves 🍃, flowers 🌺 etc.
We use organic fabrics as well as natural dyes for making our products natural in all the possible ways.
Hence we are providing eco friendly as well as skin friendly products for you. Our unique botanical prints giving you feel of Close to Nature

Size Guidelines

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