What Is In My Clothes?

We try our best to use natural, eco friendly and sustainable materials for our products. As we are zero waste label we try to make best out of every bit of available resources. We use natural fabrics such as organic cotton, silk organza, peace Eri silk etc. For trims we use wooden, metal or coral buttons and cotton or organza laces. We use pure cotton lining for our clothing.For printing we practice eco printing technique in which plant materials such as leaves, flowers, barks etc are used for printing. We use natural dyes such as madder, myrobalan, sappanwood, marigold, catchu etc we are again obtained from nature.Most of the time we use leaves from fall, trees cut by people or down in natural disasters. 

Our Packaging 

We use bags made out of our post production waste. The most sustainable way over plastic and other packaging.

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